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Burger Boy Receives its Second Blue Plate Award

Burger Boy is awarded this month’s Blue Plate Award!Β  This marks the first blue plate award for the location on 1604 & Shaenfield Rd. as of April 2021. READ: Burger Boy previously received this award for its location on 9334 Potranco Rd.

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Burger Boy makes another donation to SA Food Bank

On Tuesday, June 2nd, customers were invited to drive through for dinner to raise money for a great cause. During the day, a portion of proceeds from every order placed at all three Burger Boy restaurants were set aside for donation to the SA Food Bank.

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Burger Boy Wins Blue Plate Award

Burger Boy ended the year by earning the last Blue Plate Award of the DECADE! On December 3, 2019, News4 San Antonio presented Burger Boy on 9334 Potranco Road with the famous Blue Plate Award.

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